Do you change your mind ? Constantly?

Audrey Munoz



I bet you change your mind multiple times a day....


They say we as women, can never make up our minds. I Remember, my husband (ex) would tell me “ I can never figure you out”.  He typically said this in an annoying tone. Of course, I was shocked but are we this way


Do we change our mind depending  on our mood?  Have you ever eaten something that was “over-the -top” and you suddenly began to feel cranky, sluggish and tired( and a little regretful).


One day, we are healthy, eating right, staying positive and the very next day “ woe is me attitude”.  Eating everything in sight. I can so relate.  Because I am now aware of this ...I can simply turn to Jesus, the one who makes me whole, complete and anchored.  This was a strategy I picked up and have learned that it works so well that  I started teaching this to my daughter. I noticed for no apparent reason she would wake up angry, then mad then sad, then to going right back to happy. As I picked up on these patterns, I asked her why she was mad or sad and even happy and her response was “ I don’t know”. I reminded her that Jesus will provide us a stable atmosphere in which He can speak to us.  I encouraged her to do what I do and ask Him ...God, why do I feel like this?”. God, I don’t want to feel moody, grumpy, edgy, angry or sad.  He listens.


Sis, Sip on this...the next time you feel “ out-of-whack” emotionally, will you revert back to our creator?  If you are willing, this happens: a peace will come over you and set you right back on track because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” We will not have to wonder if He changed His mind about us.


Hebrews‬ ‭13:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Your sis- Audrey jo ⚓️❣️☕️

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