How do you spend your β€œ alone time”?

Audrey Munoz

How do you spend your time when you have a few hours alone during the holidays?
Clean out a closet, take a nap, or a Hallmark binge? I love reflecting on how far I have come.
I remember 6 years ago, I was not in the best place spiritually and or emotionally. Oh, how far I have come.
I remember thinking my personal family struggles would leave an ache in my heart for every Holiday to follow but boy was I wrong.
Our God is good and YES, He knows the end from our beginning and our middle.
Thank you, Lord for never leaving my side and allowing me to reflect, pause and bestow encouragement to women everywhere that this too shall pass.
How can I pray or help you today? How do you spend your most prized hours when you are home alone? Trust me I’ve been there.

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