Is this outfit too revealing? If so, it’s perfect!

Sis, sip on this...

Does your wardrobe speak for you?
So many times, women of all ages…yes all ages, are handing their voice to their outfits. I can recall a time when I was more concerned about getting the attention of a man, so much so that the tighter the outfit, the more seductive, somehow made me feel better about myself. I’ve come along way (thank you Lord).

This is a mindset that runs rampant in our youth and yes, still in all ages of women today. Why is it that some woman feel this is a way to capture the attention of a man? You may very well garner attention but is it the attention your heart truly desires? Or is this a temporary feeling that gives you false affirmation?

This topic is a great conversation to have with your daughters, granddaughters and a great conversation to have with yourself. When you choose your #outfitoftheday #OOTD, what is your goal?

Next time we rummage through our closet and drawers for that perfect outfit… remember Rebekah from the Bible….

"Who is that man out in the field coming toward us?" "That is my master." She took her veil and covered herself.
Genesis 24:64 MSG

She covered herself, NOT uncovered! 

Your sis,
Audrey Jo 

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