#Mondaymoments with Audrey Jo

Audrey Munoz

#MondayMoments with Audrey Jo Munoz

Today, I bow.

I sit here and my heart is heavy. Not that I doubt but that my heart hurts for those who are suffering through COVID, unemployment, and those living in fear AND for those who will experience the virus that lurks our community.

I stand on our God’s promises of victory. The Bible says “ every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord”. Romans 14:11

Have we each done this? If so, is our life reflecting this declaration? Or are we waiting for this virus to disappear and resume our life as we did prior to Covid? Are we waiting for the government to tell us what to do? Are we depending on the government to heal our land? Although, we are to abide by our laws, regulations and recommendations are we equally abiding in God’s will, direction and guidance?

I believe this is our time to talk with God. Ask Him to show you your heart. Your heart. What is in your heart that God wants to make whole, healed and strong yet fragile for Him? What is crowding your heart that God wants to remove? Will you surrender that?

As I prayed, one of the pastors gave me a note of a message uniquely for me. To do what is in my heart- boldness and courage.

What is in my heart? In my heart is to be everything God created me to be. In my heart, is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In my heart? My heart aches for salvation for all of us. Eternal life for everyone and YOU can make that choice today.

If I can help you, message me. Jesus longs to save you and grant you the eternal life He promised to those who love Him.

Today I bow.

#MondayMoments with Audrey Jo

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