Save Me ( from myself)


☕️ Save me- (from myself).


Have you uttered these words?  Save Me! Seemingly good and well intended actions  can actually be a plea for help.


Years ago, I was a jogger. I remember one evening I was jogging and I was battling a certain issue. The safety and well-being of my daughter. I loved her so much. She was my ONE and only and I treasured her. So much so that, it became unhealthy.  I was very overprotective.


You might think, Audrey Jo- that’s not a bad thing but that may not be entirely true.  Because, I was so protective of her, it began to manifest as control, obsession, helicopter mom and worse superiority ( I was the only one capable of protecting her fully).  It’s not what I thought but then again maybe subconsciously it was in my heart. My heart was in a good place, but my fear of her being hurt began to take a toll on me, my husband and us as a family.


One day, as I jogged down 2nd street I heard a voice “ she’s my daughter, whom I gifted to you”.  “I love her more than you could ever imagine”.


I literally hyperventilated and in an instant through my tears, God saved me from myself. Saved me from fear, worry, anxiety of what could happen.  I didn’t realize I was paralyzing myself and my baby girl of a life of freedom.


I surrendered her this day.  He saved me. I have been free ever since. I have  confidence to let my baby girl whom is now 10 experience the world with God by her side.


☕️ “Sip on this”  do you need saving?  Could something so seemingly innocent rob  us from the joy of freedom that God’s got you?


“For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


Romans‬ ‭10:13‬ ‭NLT


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