Sis, sip on this... are you trying to keep it ALL together?

When I reflect on my life, I often see a juggling act play out in my mind. I begin to take a deep breath as I visualize the responsibilities I have and I take another deep breath because it’s exhausting just thinking about it. I can’t help but wonder “ how other woman do it“. AND secretly wonder, does any other sis feel like this.
As woman we desire to be great moms, a great wife, reliable and successful employee, or a successful employer, and so forth. So then why do we still feel inadequate and exhausted?

Take another sip… who places these demands and expectations on us?Expectations and demands so high that when we are less than perfect, we take it so hard? Are these demands coming from life, the world, our friends, family, or social media? Maybe it’s you. Maybe you place these high demands because we have an inner desire for peace. We are hoping that if we deliver perfection then and only then we can inhale and exhale “I am enough” granting us permission to be at peace.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing if we can just breathe out and say, even if the dishes didn’t get done, even if I burned the casserole, even if I missed the corporate deadline, or I forgot it was my kiddos picture day at school, that our exhale will be "it’s ok". We will love ourselves for our imperfections, because our demands don’t define us.

Maybe this is our time to close our eyes and ask God, does my juggling act called my life glorify you? God is a God of order and peace.
Sis, take moments throughout the day and begin to let go of the self-induced expectation of perfectionism and begin to bask in God's peace.

God adores you and He will begin to show you that the internal chaos, confusion and dissatisfaction are a reflection of the juggling act (that will tire you out), but He will provide peace to every part of your life.

Sis, let’s exhale the chaos and confusion and inhale and exhale His-peace..

"For God is not a God of confusion but of peace."
1 Corinthians 14:33 ESV 

Your Sis,
Audrey Jo

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