Overwhelmed - trust the process!

Audrey Munoz

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?

I have-6 years ago;  I went to bed feeling so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed about many things. I remember kneeling (and crying in my bedroom).

My prayer was partly questioning my skills, my worth and questioning my calling of designing the biblically inspired  jewelry ( I fell asleep overwhelmed with all I had to do to complete God’s request of me yet comforted that God heard my prayers. I share this because other women may encounter the same feeling: not enough, doubt, un-worthy or doubting their higher calling.

Around 2:30 am (2014) I was awaken by a text message ( a long one) from a Christian colleague and she texted me the Book of Ephesians chapter 1-2.  As soon as I read it, I knew God heard my cries. Her words: I hope these words bless you.

She was not aware of my prayer or self doubt but God used her to answer my prayer. Hence, I am His Masterpiece edition of the I am jewelry collection.

God is always listening and even though I doubted,  He reminded me that I am His Masterpiece! Good news: so are YOU. Typically a masterpiece is a PROCESS.

The photo is of a dear gorgeous woman who so happens to be a mom, wife and a volunteer at my church and her bracelet caught my attention. She so proudly wore a bracelet from the I am-jewelry collection from more than 4 years ago. It might be biblical inspiration from 4 years ago but it is her truth. I was so taken back to that 2014 memory.

Need a delicate reminder of who you are? There may be a piece of truth just for you!

Has God answered your prayer through an unknowing friend? I’d love to hear it: post and share your experience.

Obedience is a beautiful process. 

Choose truth and bask in its freedom-


Audrey jo- ⚓️

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