Ministry Founder: Audrey Jo

Hello beautiful sister! 

He created me for YOU. 

I had an encounter in 2013 as I mourned the death of my marriage. In this darkness God met me, loved me, strengthened me, comforted me, advocated for me and encouraged me. God also revealed my identity and purpose during this encounter.

As a result, I started Jo-nic. I create jewelry designs inspired by biblical truth. The hope is that women will begin to believe all the beautiful plans God has for us. 

As the years progressed, I was inspired to write a book about my divorce and  my encounter with God, called Hurricane T.R.I.O.  Little did know, God would lead me to share my deep dark secret of abortion.  As a result, I was inspired to share the ONE thing that was not shared with me during this time of fear, confusion, shame and guilt and that was Truth. This inspiration took shape by developing a pregnancy and wellness studio for women enduring the unplanned and unexpected: JO-NIC BLOOM STUDIO, located in  Mission, Texas.

I now share my experiences with women at small groups, Bible studies, events and conferences. 

❣️Proceeds from all purchases }will be donated back to prolife organizations to further fund awareness events, discipleship and bibles for the women who have said “YES, to life” ❣️


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