Ministry Founder: Audrey Jo

Hello beautiful sister! 

You are  my inspiration! Yes. You. 

My hope is to help, encourage, inspire  and pray for women to have an encounter with the God; The Great -I AM. I had an encounter in 2013 as I mourned the death of my marriage. In this darkness God met me, loved me, strengthened me, comforted me, advocated for me and encouraged me. God also revealed my identity and purpose during this encounter.

I started Jo-nic Ministries which was founded as a direct result of my encounter with God, this moment was when He spoke: “I AM” the bread of life. John 6:35. This moment changed my life.  In my struggle, my storm, my darkness, something amazing happened. I received my identity, my purpose and my truth. My life changed forever.

❣️Proceeds from all purchases will be donated back to prolife organizations to further fund awareness events, discipleship and bibles for the women who have said “YES, to life” ❣️

Near and dear in my heart are Life-Line Partnerships - Strategic partnerships to enhance the message of truth and freedom to populations that are most vulnerable: Unborn, children, homeless, widows and the elderly. Fundraising, awareness events and conferences to help influence life decisions that are aligned to biblical truth (pro-life /philanthropy etc.).

You can contact me on Instagram @jonicministries

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